Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Hi Yall,
After reading most of the knitting blogs out there, I've been inspiried to add my voice to the mix. So, Welcome to the CATHERS KNIT. I would have started this blog sooner, however i couldn't think of a name that was catchy, and uniqe, all the good knitting phrases seemed to be taken. So instead, I combined my two 'talents' knitting and midwifery to form the CATCHERS KNIT. My name is Babette and I am a Midwifery student at Ryerson Unviersity in Toronto. By no means am I an experienced knitter. i learned to knit in elementry school, knitting for my cabbage patch kids. I stopped knitting for a million years, and picked it up again after becoming pregnant with my little boy ximuna! So far I've only knitting him booties, he's been growing so fast that I can't keep up, but I'll start something for him soon.


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